Matt Duncan and Kip Leathers

Matt Duncan comes from a background in political science, sales, and marketing.   Kip Leathers comes to Bulk Hemp Products from economics, marketing, finance, and sales management.  For the past seventeen years, Matt has been in sales, marketing, and product development. Married with two children, Matt made a life-changing decision to leave a career as the marketing director of Impact Energy Gum company to work at Bulk Hemp Products, taking what can only be described as a huge leap of faith to jump into the hemp game because he believes that CBD is a medical wonder and will help countless people fighting pain, disease, and much more for a healthier life and lifestyle.  Kip has been interested in hemp since college when he attended The Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia (MCV). It was here that Kip first heard about the government study commissioned by Richard Nixon to justify making a marijuana a schedule 1 drug.  Evidence was needed to prove it had no medicinal benefit. However, the MCV study showed that marijuana had many health benefits and should be legalized. Nixon suppressed the information and we are still dealing with the fallout.

Bulk Hemp Products is an emerging leader in the CBD marketplace by providing the most cutting-edge technology and products available for the lowest prices available.  At Bulk Hemp Products we continue to strive to provide exceptional up to date information, products, and customer service.  There are very strict guidelines we must follow to be compliant with federal hemp guidelines. You need to have certain levels of THC in your products, under .3% THC and must obey all federal and state guidelines. We work to comply with every regulation and stay ahead of the changes as they occur. We test the products we sell to our customers in an objective third party lab to make sure the products we sell are legal and compliant.  Bulk Hemp Products is your destination for the highest quality products for you and your clientele.