Need a serious CBD wholesale solution? wants to help you with your CBD isolate supply by offering you a CBD isolate Supply Contract. These contracts are intended for companies that want a consistent supply of your most essential ingredient in all of your CBD products; CBD isolate! – These are direct supply agreements. Buyer to Manufacturer.


Bulk CBD Isolate and Hemp price sheet below:

CBD Isolate Pricing for 12 Labs – Sheet1

Each batch of our hemp oil undergoes high-quality testing, see our laboratory cannabinoid profile certificate of analysis below:

Certificate Of Analysis

What should I have ready before contacting Steve’s Goods?

Step 1

Buyer sends us a signed LOI (Letter of Intent)
The letter of intent states:

  • Who is buying the product
  • What their target price is
  • How often they plan to purchase (contract or spot buy – we can do both)
  • When they want it
  • What they are using it for


Buyer sends us a POF (Proof of Funds)

Proof of funds verifies the buyer has funds ready for the level of purchase they are inquiring about. POF must have:

  • Date ranging no less than 2 days from inquiry
  • Bank letterhead
  • Company name from LOI
  • On orders over $1 million, a POF letter from the bank is required or an attorney representation letter

Send these documents to

Note: Steve’s Goods sends an NCNDA to our supply warehouse manager stating the POF and LOI will go specifically to the verified supply and no one else. We do not shop around your documents and we take pride in confidentiality.

WARNING: Contracts are limited and there WILL be a dry season for CBD isolate and companies on contracts will survive it while others will not. Even if you use a kilo a month, you should be on contract to lock in that rate. Don’t get stuck paying $20k/kilo.

What is the next step?

Step 2

Steve’s Goods sets you up with a consultation phone meeting between yourself and Steve’s Goods. We must receive legitimate POF and LOI first before spending time discussing the terms of the deal with you. We know there are tons of deep chains of brokers shopping around and aim to spend time discussing these terms with legitimate buyers or buyers representatives. If you don’t have a POF & LOI, it is hard to determine you are a legitimate client.

What are the other steps?

Step 3

Supply returns a signed NDA to Steve’s Goods.

Steve’s Goods sends the POF and LOI to supply.

Step 4

Supply confirms order capacity. Supply sends proof of stock. Steve’s Goods sends recent COA to buyer.

Step 5

Upon acceptance of recent COA and proof of stock, the buyer places funds into escrow.

Step 6

Buyer’s escrow attorney and Steve’s Goods escrow attorney process 50% deposit to initiate production of order NOTE: All orders are made to order. Nobody has thousands of kilos laying around and if they do be wary. CBD isolate does have a shelf life and should not be sitting around in warehouses. With that said, all orders are subject to 50% up front to be placed into the production schedule. Then 50% remainder is due on transferring title of product and pickup/delivery.



Shipping costs are covered by the buyer. In Person, Pickup Encouraged

Broker Payout

Brokers – determine what your commission/finder’s fee will be with your buyer prior to processing this transaction. We are not responsible for hearsay deals and will not provide a commission structure for tons of brokers. This supply moves quickly and we do not aim to deal with a series of brokers brokering for other brokers. These transactions are to take place between supply or direct supply representative (SG) and buyer or direct buyer representative.

Let us know if you have any more questions by emailing