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What is CBD Distillate?

Generally speaking, cannabis concentrates isolate or separate cannabinoids like THC and CBD to create a pure and refined final product that goes above and beyond an average flower with 15-25% THC content. More recently, there’s been a surge in distillate—a clean and clear concentrate product with up to 99% activated THC.”

In other words, distillate is a very pure and extremely concentrated form of the cannabis plant. The product is extracted to be a completely pure version that also happens to be extremely potent.

THC Distillate

It’s not hard to imagine why someone would need to be very careful about using a powerfully potent dose of THC. After all, THC is the component of marijuana that gets you high. Its psycho active effects would be magnified all the more if you were consuming a distilled version of THC.

After all, it’s like getting a super strong dose of THC directly to your blood stream. This means it will have a powerful effect, and a little will go a very long way.


CBD Distillate

Our CBD distillate comes in various concentrations from 65-90%. We offer high quality non-detectable and low thc industrial hemp distillate at discount prices. Call us for pricing based volume or weight/concentration.


CBD Crude and THC Crude

We can provide your company with large volumes of crude at very low prices. Call us for a quote.

Contact Kip at our Colorado Facility Directly at 240-888-4037. We will provide COA’s when available without Proof of Funds.